Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Abby Monta draws a figure for puplication. Remember to Stiple!

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  1. Hi, this is actually Abby, not Kari, my silly profile wouldn't come up so I'm writing via hers:
    Although I usually try and avoid jumping onto the proverbial political soap box, while here, I had an incident that really made me think and make a personal review on our own countries current health care problems...

    Last week after a particularly long and extremely hot and humid day trecking for sites, I started feeling very light-headed and dizzy despite my massive amount of water intake through out the day. Later than night I woke up vomiting. This continued for the next two days during which time I could not keep anything down and was getting weaker by the hour. As the good pseudo-mother that she is, Prof. Bazemore insisted that I go to the hospital since I was severely dehydrated and breaching the point of danger. My experience at a Cypriot hospital(a member of the European Union and socialized medicine), was this: at the front desk they asked for my id. Upon producing my drivers license I was immediately taken to a exam room where they validated vitals, blood pressure, etc. After this, they took me to a resting room to lay down as they proceeded to give me two full bags of IV. Once the second bag was done, I felt like I had woken from a semi-coma and felt -almost- good as new. Feeling like I was ready to go, I told the front nurse as much and then waited for what to do next; she simply smiled and told me to have a nice day!! That was it, and that was all. I went into a foreign hospital emergency room was seen right away, given what I was needed, and then kindly told to have a nice day. Needless to say, I would not even want to begin to imagine this scenario had I been in the United States! Even with only a co-pay to take care of, the cost of simply walking through hospital doors is staggering at best, while here and other places in the world, regardless of who you, what you need, are and/or where you are from, you are given the help that you need when you need it.
    My sincerest thanks go out to the kind staff at the Paphos General Hospital, and I ask you all to re-think your own current paradigms of good health care and if maybe we can't do better than the current status-quo that we have allowed ourselves to settle with.