Monday, August 31, 2009

Please DO Not Feed the Archaeologist!!

Kari is busy at work reconstructing an ancient artifact. Please do not disturb her concentration!!


  1. I am assembling a chert core in this picture. Chert was used for scraping tools, threshing tools, and various other items. You would start with a large rock and flake off the pieces you need. I am trying to put the big rock back together. So far 4 of 6 pieces are assembled, but that was Dr. Goldman's work, not mine. :)

  2. Kari -

    Hello! It's Jamie from the anthro. department. I was on the EWU website and ran across this. After you are done with putting that core back together you should start on the Sentinel Gap ones at AHS! :) ...I know that's at the top of your list! Hope you guys are having a great field season! Stay safe.


  3. Jamie-

    My skill at assembly cores is sadly lacking. :) Glad you are following the blog! Say "hi" to the anthro dept for me. See you when we get back!

  4. Go, girl, go! Finish that core for me, has to fit together somehow...Hope you are doing well, greetings from back here...Dr. Goldman