Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Re-Familiarizing herself with Rantidi!!

Dr. Georgia Bonny Bazemore re-familiarizes herself with Rantidi Forest, pointing out more important finds still left to discover.


  1. Hi Bonny!! I have been thinking about you and Andy having so much fun this summer!! Please call when you return - I owe you a drink!

  2. Looking good Bonny--glad you got the blog going! This is a great thing for our department and our students.

  3. Hello, Bonny and Brett -- I just discovered all these posts on your blog today and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through them, as well as the famous quotes, which hint at so much of what's going on there!

    Bonny, on a more prosaic matter, I need a grade from you for Stuart Gimblin in History 490, and I have not been able to get through to you by email. I have his paper, 55 pages. Shall I just assign a grade for you to edit if needed when you return? Please advise.